Larkwood Academy Series

I never expected to turn into a shade, be imprisoned in Larkwood Academy, have my voice stolen or fall for five hot men trapped along with me, but life doesn’t always go the way we plan. Now I’ll have to survive Larkwood while searching for a way out. I’ve spent my whole life with people wanting me to be quiet, be good, do what I’m supposed to, and now I’m over it. I may have had my voice stolen, but I’ll damn well make sure I’m heard. 

Nemesis Series

Surviving as the daughter of a powerful crime family isn't easy, but I never would have thought my own father would be the one to plot my death. It’s been ten years since the attack that killed my mother, and I've spent every one of those days planning my revenge.

I won’t let anything stand in my way—not my father, not his criminal associates and not the four men who protect him, the ones I used to love.

This world killed me once already, but I'm not the same naïve girl I used to be. I'm tougher, smarter and a lot more vicious.

They turned me into a monster, and now I’m coming for them all. 

Dark Sanctuary Series

In the deserts of Southern California sits a club at the end of a long driveway that few venture in to...Sanctuary. The lights are dark, the cuffs are secure and the Dominants are terrifying. Still, over the sounds of flogging, past the St. Andrew's Crosses and stocks, there's more to this place than meets the eye. In a world full of hardship and danger, where people have to hide who they really are and what they really want, Sanctuary offers a refuge from the storm and maybe even a shot at finding love.

At least, it does for those brave enough to shed their inhibitions and enter.

Grave Concerns Series

I learned when my parents abandoned me that the world doesn’t like anything different, so I’ve spent the last thirty-five years avoiding the supernatural, burying my ability to see ghosts and trying my hardest to fit in. Unfortunately, hiding isn’t possible anymore as I find myself drawn into a mystery that could signal the end of everything. Between four dangerous men I can’t trust, missing spirits, powerful enemies and new powers of mine emerging, I can’t stick my head in the sand anymore. Who knew death could be so complicated?

The Omega's Alphas

A lifetime of suffering as a result of their designation has taught omegas one vital rule for survival: never trust an alpha.

The lesson seems easy enough, but instinct proves difficult to ignore. Drawn by an alpha’s touch, body and scent, omegas risk everything for a taste of what they should fear most.

Even if their bodies respond, even as they drown in the lust an alpha creates, their hearts are a different matter. No one alpha can sway them.

Unfortunately for these omegas, these alphas work in packs—and they don't mind a hunt.

Ready or Not

Disaster always strikes when someone least expects it, and according to these men and women, there’s no bigger disaster than falling in love. They have busy schedules, bad experiences, more excuses than someone on day three of a diet, and enough cynicism to depress even the most die-hard positive-thinking guru. No matter what else happens in their life, they are sure that they will never, ever fall in love, and they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure it. Unfortunately for them, fate doesn’t mind chasing down and hog-tying reluctant lovebirds. Someone can only fight for so long before cupid manages a sucker-punch. Here comes love, ready or not.

Sun, Sea and... Summer Collection

These are stories that fully embrace the summer. Whether they celebrate a date to remember or a place that holds special memories, the heat of the summer burns through. 

The Kantr Chronicles